Bloomington, I’M COMING HOME!

That’s right. The fucking tickets are ordered, I’m a groomsman in a wedding, and ain’t NOBODY gonna stop me this time. Bloomington, prepare to be loved like you ain’t never been loved before. I’ll be gentle.

Take note:

  • Arrive Thu, June 5 @ noon (Gonna need a ride to b-town plz!)
  • Leave Sun, June 8 @ 5:15pm (Ride again!)

I’ll be at Mike’s wedding on Saturday, and probably some sort of rehearsal on Friday, but otherwise I’m free for anybody that wants to hang out. Expect some quality time at Fester’s and the Vid. I can’t fucking wait.


Consolidation is the way

So, I got uber-stressed yesterday. I’ve been promising my friends back home that I’d come visit them (and then breaking said promises) since forever. First it was early December for a party, then it was January… February. The most recent offense was my promise that I would visit for the Rock n Roll Prom at the Bluebird in April… Go on and take a guess how that’s turning out. I’ll wait.

So Kristen just posted on facebook asking if I’d be leaping joyously into her arms in 17ish days, and I have to say that up til this point I had been totally planning on it. I’ve just put off ordering the tickets until I hear definitively on this job. After getting another no-news update on the job, I decide fuck it– these tickets aren’t gonna stay cheap forever, so I decide to bite the bullet and plunk em on the credit card.

It is at this point that the price jumps by $40-$80 per ticket.

I decided that with the cost and the really fucking shitty travel times available, that I’m just going to have to put it off, yet again. My buddy Mike is getting married in June, and I’ll just make that an extended trip.

Sorry Kristen! 😦