Gingerbread goes further down the Native Rabbit Hole

I’m really glad to see that they’re starting to seriously broaden the NDK in Android– as that whole Java thing was really kind of a drag, and making it a pain to port from iPhone and other C-based devices. I’m still not sure what the status is on STL support though– I guess it’s possible to get some hacked third-party implementations working.

Either way, the fact that they spend the first 1/3 of this video on NDK tells me that they’re realizing how incredibly important it is to have code compatibility with iOS.  Lets also not forget the fact that the future of Dalvik Java is somewhat in question thanks to a certain evil DB company. It is very possible that Google is hedging, in the (imo unlikely) case that they are actually forced to move away from Java on Android (And yes, ‘DB’ can mean two very different things in the above context).

via [Android and Me]


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