A List of Free Programming EBooks!

So the great Christian Arca just tweeted about an absolutely lovely thread over at StackOverflow with a great list of freely-available ebooks on programming. It really is anything and everything you could want, especially if you don’t want to shell out the bux (though I still recommend grabbing a cheap copy of Effective C++ on the interwebz somewhere, I got mine for $8).

There are THIS many books in the list.


Anyway, I think I’ll start perusing some x86 Assembly and some Advanced BASH. Haven’t played with those in awhile (and I’ve always been nothing less than woefully inadequate when it comes to assembly). I also need to reignite my quest to dive deeper into web stuff. Been too buried in native/local lately.

…Ooh! Scheme book by old man Dybvig– reminds me of college. And holy crap they’ve even got Maven guides!

Don’t thank me, thank [StackOverflow]


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