Where Have You Been?


I’m sorry I abandoned you, Internet! I know I haven’t called or written lately, and I’m really sorry for that. I’ve been spending quite a bit of my off-hours time developing noncritical engine features for NYMPH, and haven’t really had much time to write on the ol’ blog.

I’ve got a couple ideas for posts kicking around that you may find interesting. Firstly I want to write about why the hell it’s so hard to turn a profit over here in Gameland while Techland over in the Valley seemingly has more money than it knows what to do with. I mean– I know we’re kind of commoditized as a field, but don’t we get a pass by sheer virtue of the fact that we’re in a creative industry? Evidently not.

But there’s more!

I also want to do a “post-mortem” on our asset exporter– my preconceptions going in, challenges, things I learned, etc. Before I say anything else on that though, I’ll need to get boss approval. It is proprietary tech, after all. Technically it wouldn’t be a post-mortem because it’s not dead (if anything it’s in drastic need of overhaul), but who’s counting?

I guess I could also do a post about JavaScript+HTML5 vs ActionScript, but the truth is I haven’t really worked with JS enough to be able to draw any credible conclusions. I will say that I’m far less bullish on Javascript after realizing how valuable it is to have a naturally obfuscated intermediary such as compiled Flash. Get JavaScript obfuscation right, though– and I think we may finally be rid of The Beast once and for all.


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