Under No Obligation

Heard back from Nissan today.

I was sitting in the Chili’s at the Chicago-O’Hare airport when I got a call from a man named Luis. It was in response to my letter to the VP of Parts and Service. The general tone sounded somewhat promising at first, but gradually slid on a determined spiral into the inevitable rejection.

It was the part where he started going on about ‘obligation’ that really got to me though:

“Well I understand sir, and I sympathize– during the warranty period, Nissan is under obligation to correct such situations, but once the warranty has run out, Nissan is under no oblig–“

That’s when I cut him the fuck off. This is not about Obligation, nor has it ever been, as far as I’m concerned. This is about doing what’s right for your fucking customer, and I thought I’d been very clear on that point from the start. For God’s sake, a second-grader could figure out that Nissan doesn’t have to do jack shit to help me out. The warranty ran out. Case Closed.

This is about doing what’s right for your customer and about instilling a sense of trust into the person that’s about to hand over $10-20,000 to you. The fact that he used the “O-Word” twice  in one sentence told me everything I needed to know. I told him I’d obviously made a mistake and thanked him for his time. That’s that.

…anybody want to buy a ‘gently-used’ Nissan?


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