Almost hit (twice) on my way home.

It was fucking ridiculous. The guy just COULD NOT wait to get around me on Aviation Blvd, so he tries to zoom past right before the lane ends. There’s definitely a bit of ice on the roads, but I guess he thought he was just goddamn invincible in his bigshot quasi-SUV with AWD.

Either way, just as I was mouthing “you… fucking… idiot”, he loses control right in front of me and slides into the oncoming lane, he goes all the way 360, and tries desperately to get back over, while the oncoming car glides slowly into his front corner. CRUNCH.

Luckily all involved parties were able to slow down enough so that it was a pretty minor incident. Either way. You’re a moron dude.

Also some guy tried to turn DIRECTLY into my lane less than a mile from my house. It is very difficult to swerve out of the way quickly when there’s ice on the roads, but I managed it.

That is all.

EDIT: Okay I lied, that’s not actually all; It is worth mentioning that I-40 was remarkably well-behaved. Everybody putzed along at a reasonable speed, no congestion, no accidents. Plenty of cars littering the ditch though– Maybe they served as an effective enough caution to other would-be daredevils?


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