Sometimes safe will make you sorry

So this might not make sense to some people, but in my quest to hackintosh, I kept running into a hang as it tried to load the installer. To be safe I’d downloaded the “Kabyl-bumby” bootloader (can’t make these names up lol)– as it supposedly had the most robust driver support and was the “catch-all” bootloader.

In a fit of desperation after many failed boots, I went and downloaded the “generic” iso, for the mainstream machine, thinking after this I’ve gotta say fuck it and just download Kalyway.

Wouldn’t you know… it goddamn worked? I call it Schrodinger’s Ghost in the Machine. Honest to God I just don’t think it wanted to start working until I’d posted about it on InsanelyMac.

Currently installing osx, after which I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to do to make it independently bootable. At which point I will regale you with the fully story, O great internets.


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