Current Job Status

Since I’ve still got people asking me what’s going on employment-wise, and I don’t really have much extra to say– I’ll say what I can here.

Things more or less fell through with the casual studio I was in talks with, as they won’t be able to start development until July, and I am definitely in need of employment now. No hard feelings, definitely. The head of the studio is still working hard to get me in as a Flash developer with the parent company. No big change there, just waiting for the hiring guy to get back.

Otherwise, what’s up? I’ve turned in my Tech Test at Emergent, and am just waiting to hear back. Evidently all their HR folks are super-tied-up right now with training new hires (and I hear the head of Gamebryo HR is out for two damn weeks).

Basically, if I don’t hear back about the Flash position this week, I’d bet on my being out of a job for a few weeks at least.

In other news, it’s my fucking birthday! Amie’s taking me out to PF Chang’s tonight (I didn’t really have a preference so I allowed myself to be swayed). She also went out hunting for a present yesterday, and returned with a traditional bag-packaged object of not insubstantial weight. I tried to convince her to let the openings proceed early, but she’d have none of it. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m going to get measured for a tux for Mike’s wedding tonight as well. Any longer and I may miss out on groomsmanship imo.


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