On Flash and its Idiosyncrasies

Flash Sucks  I’ve become fond recently of saying that “Flash is as professional-grade as Y is a vowel.” The thing just befuddles me in some ways, while being really neat in others.

I’ve definitely become a fan of just drawing stuff on the screen with Flash, because the vector conversion makes all my lines look really deliberate and sharp, where in real life they’re nothing but (it takes a special kind of algorithm to create cool stuff from freehand mouse-drawing). Tweening is also really cool, with all the control you have over ease of transition, etc.

Then you get to the programming aspect of Flash and the pungent reek of terrible design slaps you in the face like month-old fish. I respect that they made their own custom scripting language, and it’s passable for that– but then adding in OO-style classes, and I’m like… wtf– how does that tie in with Flash’s concept of an object: “Symbols”?

I’ve been able to so far bypass any OO style programming with flash, and put any object-specific code into the symbol’s own actionscript file, but I get the feeling that won’t last.

I also effing hate the IDE. If you want to earn my love, you will use an open language that produces plain text code files, and that can be integrated with something like MS Studio or Eclipse. They have invented not only the wheel, but also suspension, A/C, and internal combustion. There is no reason to try to do it better.

I’ve been keeping my projects in a local SVN repository, and it really pisses me off that even the source for these things is binary. At least give me something that can be parsed and diff’d by Subversion!

Ugh, closed-standard-mongering asshats.


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