My Job Situation

Career GirlSo I figured I’ll just write a blog post with all the information in it, since that’s ostensibly what blogs are for– propagating information (heretofore I’ve used it for the sole purpose of propagating dumb shit, so lets see where this goes).

Most people that know me, know I’ve been talking to a game studio in Raleigh regarding employment when my Cisco contract terminates in mid-April. I just had lunch with my potential boss today to firm up the terms, etc. and now you guys get to hear all about it.

Salary: $50k.

Options: None (It’s an LLC, with no intent to sell, thus no options).

Bonus: Performance Bonus at release.

Health Benefits: Fully Paid w/ Blue Cross Blue Shield (I’m told BCBS is best in the state)

401(k): Still being worked out (Still a very new company, so he hasn’t gotten it in stone yet, I expect good things)

Work at home: Possibly, he’s still figuring it out, but it sounds optimistic.

So, the catch? He’s not sure if he’ll be able to get me in by the time Cisco lets me go, which is a little less than a month away (heh, damn that’s soon). He’s trying like hell, but he doesn’t have publisher funding yet, and so the only alternatives are to hire me from company funds, or to get me working for the parent company for awhile. He’s involved in on-going talks, and will try to put something together. I’ll know by the end of the week.


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